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We use top of the line products for all our well drilling and pumping services. Earnest Well Drilling Inc promises excellent service and quality assurance for all our services. We are able to keep this promise by using state of the art products made in the USA and that have warranties. Plus, they are easy to service and install. Our products include, Grundfos Smartflo (SQE) constant pressure system,  Goulds, Flexlite Pressure Tanks (made in the U.S.A.), Fiberglass Tanks with a 5 Year Warranty and Baker-Monitor Pitless Units (made in the U.S.A.).

When you use our service and products, you can be assured you are getting the best line of pumping and drilling products in the industry. You know how the old saying goes, "You pay for what you get". Other companies may charge less for their drilling or pumping service, but you could end up with lower quality materials, hidden labor charges, poor product warranty coverage and reduced sizes of pumps, tanks, lines etc.

Our product line

Grundfos Smartflo (SQE) constant pressure system
  • No water pressure problems
  • Soft starting eliminates power surge and water hammer
  • Overload and overheating protection to ensure long life
  • Built-in dry run protection to prevent damage to pump and               motor
  • Utilized a small, space saving pressure tank
  • Easy to service
Ritchie Products

Thomas Ritchie developed the concept of the automatic waterer valve in 1921 in Oskaloosa, Iowa. Local farmers enjoyed the innovation and the first automatic waterers were built. From there our founder, patented the first automatic waterer device and a business was born.

Since that time, Ritchie Industries has developed into the leader in watering innovation and now manufactures a complete line of livestock and horse waterers to the highest specifications in the industry. Automatic waterers are our focus and our specialty.

Barotherm Gold     

BAROTHERM® GOLD thermally conductive grout is a bentonite material designed for use in grouting boreholes containing ground source heat loops, and related applications. BAROTHERM GOLD thermally conductive grout when combined with silica sand at various concentrations yields a grout with thermal conductivity values ranging between 0.4 and 1.2 BTU/hr·ft·ºF (0.69 – 2.08 watts/m·°C).
The use of BAROTHERM GOLD thermally conductive grout assists and promotes the following:

A thermally conductive grout medium with low permeability for sealing ground source heat loops

Galvanized Pitless Control Module

The Galvanized Steel PCM is constructed of Schedule 10 steel well casing. The bottom is sloped at 10 degrees so chlorine or other contaiminates can not cause corrosion. There are lifting ears 18" from the top to facilitate installation. The cap is a watertight vented lid which meets PAS97 standards. Units with casing connections of 4 - 8" are in stock. Discharge connections are available 1" - 4"

ITT Goulds Pumps is among the most widely recognized and respected brands in the global pump industry, serving customers in the oil and gas, mining, power generation, chemical, pulp and paper, and general industrial markets. As the only manufacturer to make digital monitoring standard on every process pump, ITT Goulds Pumps continues to lead the industry in both mechanical pump design and the adoption of smart technologies.

Baker-Monitor Pitless Units (made in the U.S.A.)
  • Durable, frost proof, sanitary and easy to install
  • Easy to service
  • Reliable neoprine O-ring seal
  • Seal protection prevents damage to O-rings during                            installation
  • Vented water tight cap leaves no place for contamination
  • Meets ASTM A535 State Requirements
To learn more follow the links below:
Flexlite Pressure Tanks (made in the U.S.A.)
Fiberglass Tanks with a 5 Year Warranty


Standard Chamber      
Quick4 Standard chamber can be installed in a 36" wide trench.
Size: 34"W x 53"L x 12"H (864 mm x 1346 mm x 305 mm)
Effective Length: 48" (1219 mm)

Multiport endcap has eight molded-in high and low inlets to allow piping to enter or exit from multiple directions.
Size: 34"W x 16"L x 12"H (864 mm x 406 mm x 305 mm)
Additional Length per Trench: 26.4 (671 mm)
Invert Height: 8" (203 mm)

IM Series Septic Tanks
A revolutionary improvement in plastic septic tank design, the injection molded IM-1530 offers exceptional long-term strength and is compatible with Infiltrator’s line of custom fit risers and heavy duty lids. Large capacity, lightweight, durable and watertight.

Septic Tank Effective Volume: 1537 gal (5818 L)
Total Storage Volume: 1765 gal (6681 L)

Size: 176"L x 62"W x 55"H (4460 mm x 1567 mmx 1384 mm)

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